Recommended Vendors

We highly recommend the following professionals in related fields, for their excellent service, knowledge, and professionalism:

Paint stores: Sherwin-Williams

Best Real Estate Agents: 


Judy Cary with Samson Properties- 703-587-6650

The Keri Shull team- Tyler: 540-292-8982

Pam Haselton with Blue and Gray Realty- 703-398-9108

Electricians: Dan Sandru: 703-485-7327

HVAC/heating and cooling: Creators of Total Comfort, Mechanical- Rob: 301-802-7854

Plumbing: DB's Plumbing and Drain: 703-691-5126

(Disclaimer: Although we do highly recommend these vendors based on positive past experiences of us and many customers, they are not legally affiliated with our company in any way; with the exception of Sherwin-Williams, as we are Proud Partners with Sherwin-Williams Paint Stores.)

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