This is a very good question! The importance of selecting a professional painting company/contractor cannot be overstated. One of the hard realities of this is the importance of the bidding process. It is important that jobs be priced fairly but responsibly. Contractors who underbid rarely do quality work. Contractors who overbid usually do quality work, but at a premium. Many homeowners have experienced both. 

Angie's List, Smart Asset, Home Advisor, and a few other pricing websites have determined that the correct pricing for reputable, licensed and insured painting work in your area, should cost between "$3 and $4 per square foot, if doing ceiling walls and trim" according to Smart Asset, and "between $370 and $790 per bedroom" when painting a home, according to Angies List.


OUR PRICES for our Northern Virginia Painting company Charles Graves Painting, typically come out to around $2.50 per square foot of floor space, plus the cost of paint, to completely patch, sand, spot prime, caulk and paint 2 full coats for ceiling, walls, trim and doors (For projects above 1500 square feet). Projects smaller than 1500 square feet, prices can vary depending on job size and location. With paint, the paint cost goes up to around $3.25-$3.50 per square foot, depending on quality of paint. We are proud to be "One of the bare-bones lowest prices for high-end painting work in the entire metropolitan area" as acclaimed by PaintWorks Magazine.


Generally speaking, it is industry recommended to compare up to 3 estimates with qualified contractors- Their qualifications can be determined by checking license and insurance with DPOR or seeing the certificate; checking their recommendations and reviews; seeing their standing with BBB; asking for references; and examining the quality of their work, with pictures, videos, or on-site examinations of ongoing projects (we can oblige all of this, upon request!). 

We offer free estimates! We just ask that our customers please make sure that this pricing is in-line with your expectations prior to scheduling an estimate, so that the time of everyone is best served. (Minimum in-person free estimate quotes are $2000, and for time efficiency, we price cabinet painting over phone)

We can price projects with or without paint, depending on circumstances, selections, and customer request. We also offer FREE DESIGN CONSULTATIONS with every customer doing projects above 1500 square feet. On all jobs, we will pick up and transport all materials for you if they aren't already delivered- and measure for exact amounts- and give professional guidance on paint/material selections. 


Because of crew size, we do have a minimum project cost of $750 (for phone quotes) and $2000 for in-person quotes.  We appreciate your understanding!

For other pricing: Based on project. The bigger the project, the better the discount. We specialize in larger projects but will often take smaller ones as well. Call us at 703-953-4631 for a free, no obligation estimate! 



*Competitors must be fully licensed and insured to operate in your area of residence, with equivalent classifications. Equal prices for comparable quotes with equal work scope, materials, and warranty. All quotes to match must be current and in writing, and given within the past 14 days. Price matching is at the discretion of Charles Graves Painting, based on these factors, and we will not match equal prices if competitor is doing less work, isn't licensed, or doesn't provide warranty.