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Hardwood Flooring Installation

We offer professional wood flooring installation. We transport flooring for you, acclimate it prior to installation, and can also have stair flooring stain-matched to match existing flooring (or to match the new flooring you will be installing). ​We also can install baseboards and shoe moulding! (We do not re-stain main floors.)

OUR PRICING IS VERY COMPETITIVE! We generally beat almost all licensed companies' prices. Highest quality flooring install, 2 year warranty and affordability. 

*Minimum job size: $3000 (stand-alone), or $750 (if done with a full-house paint job)

*These prices are for standard solid wood or engineered hardwood flooring, or LVP. Cherry, bamboo floors, or other types of floors based on owner's discretion, may cost more, but we will let you know prior to signing any contract what the exact cost will be for your exact flooring project. Price 100% guaranteed upon signing of the contract.

*2 year warranty and 100% satisfaction guarantee of all work given.

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